The world’s first festival dedicated exclusively to rosé wine, La Nuit en Rosé is an unparalleled marriage of food, wine, entertainment, and fashion. In a unique and inspiring environment, guests are welcomed to enjoy bespoke experiences that celebrate the rosé-drinking lifestyle, well beyond the glass. 

Since its successful New York City debut in 2014, the festival has expanded to include Los Angeles and Miami, creating opportunities for attendees to delight and indulge from coast to coast. Each year, the audience--comprised of everyone from novice connoisseurs to industry professionals--for La Nuit en Rosé grows. In addition to the 5,000 New York City attendees, Los Angeles brings together 1,000 guests. Miami attracts a growing list of 500. Together, these three events attract over 6,500 people, each eager to celebrate la vie en rosé.

The mission of La Nuit en Rosé is simple: to showcase the delicious versatility and diversity of summer’s favorite drink, all while offering guests a truly unforgettable experience. Each host city presents its own site-specific version of La Nuit en Rosé, all with plenty of live entertainment. Guests in New York City revel aboard the yacht on the Hudson River. In Los Angeles and Miami, pool decks provide the perfect place to celebrate in style. For each festival, La Nuit en Rosé teams up with celebrity chefs, local restaurants, and hundreds of wine labels from around the world. It’s a journey for the palate like no other. 

There are plenty of ways to experience La Nuit en Rosé, and plenty of cities to experience it in.

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La Nuit en Rosé was created by wine entrepreneurs and rosé ambassadors Pierrick Bouquet and Derek van Bakergem. Pierrick and Derek are also behind Pinknic, New York City’s largest rosé-themed yearly picnic and The Great Gatsby Party.